Um, hi.

Okay, sooo….that happened.

Listen, I will, I promise, have more to say soon and I hope you’ll check back in to see what that is. I may even try to resurrect some of the stuff I said before this, this, this thing…stuff that I burned and shredded and buried and locked until I could wrap my head around the firestorm created by this, this, this thing.

In the meantime, follow me @hyperationalist or here on WordPress and I’ll keep you posted.





3 thoughts on “Um, hi.”

  1. Please don’t stop pushing people to sign the petition for guns at the RNC convention. I suspect most of those who have already signed the petition knew in the back of their mind that the secret service would not allow it… but it’s important for people to continue to show their support for such a “wonderful” idea!


  2. Gun Free Zone -vs- Gun Show? Everyone is concerned that the phenomenon of Lexington Green will repeat at the RNC in Cleveland this year if it isn’t a gun free zone. Well, my take on this is “bring ’em if you got ’em”, but don’t load ’em ’til you need ’em. Only authorized delegates and vetted support personnel will be admitted to this event. Vetting attendees based on their credentials is simple enough, and verifying that any weapons are cleared (no rounds in the chamber or cylinder or loaded magazines attached to weapons) can be done at the same time. That is called a compromise, and everyone should be able to live with that. Somebody is going to suggest checking weapons like you check your hat and coat, but they will be missing the point. Non-attendees may mill about outside and do the usual demonstrations for their candidate or cause, and if there are any conflicts that is where they will most likely occur. If anyone is determined to start trouble in the middle of an armed camp, they will find it, and they will not get the chance to reload. Final word: law enforcement cannot protect everyone, so It is better that they be able to protect themselves.


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